Scott Bernstein

Scott Bernstein

Owner/founder at Bounty Hunter Training Academy and Child Recovery International. Crisis Resolution. Speaker. Author

To end the crisis of ISIS of any Terrorist Organization is NEVER fear them. NEVER also ever underestimate them. They are like red ants or green flies – they will pester you, keep biting at you and are relentless.

They feed off the media coverage. The media is the enemy. The media drives their propaganda machine and their fear factor. Social media via the Internet is also a vehicle for winning their war of Terror. They are looking to dominate cyberspace.

To rid the world of ISIS and other splinter groups cropping up like weeds is to simply exterminate them with the upmost brutality as possible. Only a soldier knows this. The Obama administration believes that air strikes alone will win such a war is foolish.

We either bring our soldiers home to protect our borders and our once great nation or send them in great numbers with the BEST and mightiest weaponry that only America has. We need to show NO mercy and be as relentless as possible.

We have to be determined with bigotry towards our enemies to restore and maintain freedom, union and humanity. We need leadership, a person with real values who acts instead of speaks. Who commands respect not just his people but amongst communal nations. We cannot eradicate hatred and evil based upon religion and politics but we can keep it governed and in check. We the people own this nation and our political leaders are simply public servants. We need to take back our country from oppressive government and not tolerate rampant corruption that is the causal effect of economic strife, chaos, exorbitant spending and nefarious international affairs.

There are all too many risks that are global in nature and have the potential to cause significant negative impact across entire countries and industries if they take place.

The risks are economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological — and measured in terms of their likelihood and potential impact. Terrorism is a fuel that has an impact on all.

Now the world faced a free-for-all in which “non-state actors” — terrorists, global corporations, religious and ethnic tribes, sovereign wealth funds and nonprofit charities, to name a few — were as crucial as countries in shaping the order of a “nonpolar” world.

To be clear, non-state actors — which also include alliances such as the United Nations and the European Union, “civil society” foundations and academic institutions — could be forces for healing as well as mayhem.

The Internet and international floods of capital were empowering these non-state players, No nation or set of nations are in charge and America who used to be a Super Power has not set an example of leadership in the world in considerable time. Ethnic, religious and regional rivalries had been set free by the weakness of nation-states, and by an Internet that enables digital forces who couldn’t care less about the wisdom past known leadership and diplomacy.

The U.S. has to figure out how to operate in this new world of muscling around with rhethoric, dialogue and the same military action none of which have proven to work. Our leaders have not seemed to learn from their predecessors but rather seem to cast their current situation on them instead even though they are simply duplicating the issues.

Military power would be just as important as before but it would have to be shrewdly and surgically applied, and almost always in concert not only with other countries but with other non-state players. Private sector has proven to be more effective and less costly. There is a mountain of untapped resources that no longer should be analyzed but implemented in full force.

We need to close down our borders that breeds more crime, economic chaos, anger, racism, government corruption and a litany of deceit from our own government.

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